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QC System

A complete laboratory quality control system has been established, including the rules and regulations, process monitoring, reagent testing, instrument verification/calibration and personnel training and the like for the stable and efficient quality control. The QC Department and Project Management Department are set up for the establishment and management of quality system and process and operation management of projects in the laboratory at the same time. So far, the Company has been certified for the quality systems of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, with a strict quality assurance.


Environmental Management 

System Certificate

Occupational  Health and Safety 

 Management System Certificate

Quality Management  

System Certificate

Construction of Standard Laboratory

A 3,000 m2 of standard laboratory is built and planed in accordance with GB50346-2004 Architectural and Technical Code for Biosafety Laboratories and GB19489-2008 Laboratories - General Requirements for Biosafety, with the work areas for sample receiving, storage, preparation and testing, as well as storage of reagents and consumables. The non-contamination zone and contamination zone are strictly separated, so do the channels for people, logistics and wastes. The laboratory is equipped with a biosafety cabinet, wastewater treatment equipment and emergency spraying device, in line with relevant requirements for biosafety management and pollution prevention management of gene amplification. It has a reasonable layout and clearly divided zones.

Professional LIMS 

Centered as the laboratory, the specialized Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has integrated many elements such as the operating processes, personnel, instrument and equipment, sample management, reagents and consumables, rules and regulations, procedure documents, testing methods, documentation and project management, etc. for the convenience of collection, analysis, reporting and management of data and information so that the laboratory can be managed in a automatic, modernized and normalized manner.

Strict Project Procedures

The high-throughput sequencing contains such procedures as sample management, library processing, computer sequencing, project management, quality control, data QC and advanced bioinformatic analysis, forming the strict procedures for project execution under the quality management system.  

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