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The members of core team are skilled and experienced in genome research, as well as fully aware of related technologies, industry status and development trend. They also have obtained outstanding academic accomplishments partly reflected by a number of papers on top journals such as Nature and Science, etc.

As the pioneers and backbones for the development of sequencing platform, the team members have started to establish the first new-generation sequencing platform since 2007. Centered on this, Annoroad has introduced and attracted many outstanding R&D personnel skilled in high-throughput sequencing technologies at home and abroad, as well as excellent talents from different industries and fields such as biology, medicine, mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry, forming the reasonable talent echelon comprised of bachelors, masters and doctors, so as to jointly promote the rapid and sound development of corporate R&D and the industry.


Dr. Chongjian Chen

President of Annoroad Gene Technology Co., Ltd.

Doctoral degrees of Sun Yat-sen University and University of Paris-Sud. Having performed the postdoctoral research in the Curie Institute, he is experienced in the domains related to bioinformatics, non-coding RNA, high-throughput sequencing, embryonic stem cells and cancer genome etc.; also published many papers in such high-level journals as Nature, Science, Elife, Developmental Cell, Genome Biology, Bioinformatics etc.; His multiple genomic sequence analysis and RNA expression analysis process and algorithm have been widely applied in the academic circles. In 2012, Dr. Chen was introduced to jointly establish Annoroad Gene Technology Co., Ltd., and serves as the President of the Company. 

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