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AnnoCloud Blockbuster Released, Leading Annoroad Opening the New Era of BT to DT



August 8th, 2016, Annoroad Gene Tech released important news on the computing conference of Ali Yun: The Annoroad Cloud, a massive gene data analysis cloud platform, will open the new era of BT to DT.

Based on the individual genome information, the precision medical emphases on personalized diagnosis and health management. As the foundation of precision medical, the next generation sequencing (NGS) has made widely used in the biomedical field, and gradually become the focus of the translation clinical application. The process of sequencing will generate massive data, and the core of precision medical is analyzing the relationship between these sequencing data and clinical data. Thus, how to store, analyze and manage these sequencing data effectively became the key link of gene sequencing transforming to clinical.

As the pioneer and promoter of the precision medical, Annoroad has been dedicating in genome sequencing, R&D, and the application of bioinformatics, which has accumulated rich experience in development, with a strong BT-IT industry service ability. With the changes in the era of computing, and the deep transformation from IT ( Information Technology ) to DT (Data Technology), Annoroad has been continuously optimized and upgraded itself technology at the same time, devoting full efforts to create the massive gene data platform- Annoroad Cloud, based on the deep accumulation in the field of genome sequencing.


At the scene of computing conference of Ali Yun, the principal of Annoroad Cloud- Dr. Yang Jitao pronounced, Annoroad Cloud has the whole business chain function of storage and distribution, accurate analysis, professional interpretation on the massive gene data.


Dr. Yang emphasized that Annoroad had accumulated a large number of biological samples and gradually established large-scale gene database of Chinese since its inception. Relying on the leading international genome sequencing and bioinformatics technology, combining cloud computing and large data technology, Annoroad Cloud will meet the full range of biological research and clinical research of large data storage, analysis management, and one-stop service demand, so that we could provide better service for scientific research, clinical and personal health. In the field of scientific research, the efficient process of Annoroad Cloud will contribute to shortening turnaround time significantly. In the field of clinic, Annoroad Cloud can assist to collect the clinical detection data and analysis rapidly, giving corresponding auxiliary diagnosis and medication guidance plan to certain patients. In the areas of personal health, Annoroad Cloud can realize the fast acquisition and interpretation of personal genetic data, providing personalized health management guidance. Annoroad Cloud will also provide a better platform, services and solutions for the advancement of precision medical.


Annoroad Cloud can achieve dynamic management and schedule of massive computing resources through Ali Yun's Batch Compute, accelerating the process of gene data analysis. The RAM of Ali Yun provided a guarantee for accurate management of Annoroad Cloud. Processing large data through distributed computing, which can greatly enhance the efficiency of operation, increase the parallel computing capacity, and reduce the cost. Additionally, given that the genome data privacy, at the beginning of the product design, we had strictly followed the domestic and international safety requirements of bioinformatics to ensure data security. The simple operation of Annoroad Cloud has reduced the threshold of gene data analysis, allowing the customers to enjoy the process of gene data analysis quickly on the platform.

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