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Annoroad Facilitates the Milestone Study of Single-cellCytomics ——The First Mouse Cell Atlas - Guo Guoji'sTeam, Zhejiang University, Reported by Cell


On February 22 (U. S. local time), Cellthe world's top jonrnal, published the paper of Guo Guoji's Team, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University“Mapping the Mouse Cell Atlas by Microwell-Seq” online. By using the independently developed Microwell-Seq platform, Professor Guo's team conducted single-cell sorting and library preparation on the cell suspensiosolution of more than 50 kinds of mouse organs and tissuesThrough the single-cell transcriptome analysison more than 400,000 cells, this team has mappedthe world's first mammalian cell atlas (Figure 1), which can be described as a milestone study in the field of single-cell cytomics. Annoroad has cooperated with Professor Guo's team to complete the work related to single-cell transcriptome sequencing, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation.

Figure 1 Article workflow

Figure 1 Article workflow

In this study, Guo Guoji' Team developed the Microwell-Seq platform. At first, they captured cells with an agarose microplate. As each microplate contains 100,000 micro holes, it can capture about 5,000 to 10,000 single-cells simultaneously. Next, through the microscopic examination, they removed the excess cells of a single micro hole with a capillary tube to improve the single-cell capture rate. Then, they added the magnetic beads with barcode and combined them to the captured single-cells. After the lysis bufferis added, the cells bound to different magnetic beads were transferred to the tube of 1.5 mL for the subsequent reverse transcription, 3'end amplification, and library preparation sequencing (Figure 2).

Figure 2 Microwell-Seq Platform Technology Flow

Figure 2 Microwell-Seq Platform Technology Flow

The Microwell-Seq platform created by Guo Guoji's Team has achieved the high-throughput cell capture and hybrid library preparation. While improving the accuracy of existing single-cell technology, the experiment time is largely shortened and the construction cost of single-cell library is reduced. At the same time, the mapping of the world's first mammalian cell atlas also provides a good reference for the construction of the next human cell atlas, which will be of guiding significance.


In 2017, the single-cell sequencing technology has been continuously developed. Many researchers have achieved fruitful results by using the single-cell technology. The presentation of various major programs has alsoignited the new era of single-cell sequencing. In the beginning of 2018, our domestic team has made the contribution of milestonestudy to the field of single-cell cytomics. As a leader in the overall solution of single-cell sequencing technology in China, Annoroad Genes Team has rich experience in the cooperation of single-cell sequencing technology with many research institutes, such as Curie Institute of France, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Zoology, Southwest University, and Nanjing Medical University. It has also participated in a number of single-cell research work, and the relevant research achievements have been published in Science, eLife, Immunity, Nature sub-journals and other international high-level journals (Table 1). We have well prepared the single-cell multi-group study solutions, and we are looking forward to exploring the beauty of life with you.


Table 1 List of Annoroad Single-cell Sequencing Articles

Table 1 List of Annoroad Single-cell Sequencing Articles



Han X, Wang R, Zhou Y, Fei L, Sun H, Lai S, Saadatpour A, Zhou Z, Chen H, Ye F, Huang D, Xu Y, Huang W, Jiang M, Jiang X, Mao J, Chen Y, Lu C, Xie J, Fang Q, Wang Y, Yue R, Li T, Huang H, Orkin SH, Yuan GC, Chen M, Guo G. Mapping the Mouse Cell Atlas by Microwell-seq [J]. Cell.2018, 172: 1091–1107.