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Annoroad declared to introduce 10 PacBio Sequel Sequencers to continue consolidating the construction of world’s leading genome center


Recently, Annoroad has announced that it will further invest hundreds of millions of RMB in building a multi-technology gene sequencing platform and a data center as well as continue to introduce 10 PacBio Sequel Generation III sequencing platforms so as to consolidate the construction of the world’s leading genome center. This ambition drives Annoroad to further enhance its capabilities of large-scale genomic services worldwide. As a leader in the gene sequencing industry, Annoroad has always been insisting on the mission of organizing and utilizing genomic information and technology to enhance the life value. We, by providing collaborative services with a variety of sequencing platforms, are dedicated to serving our partners and providing core tools for the research & development and the transformation of achievements obtained in many fields of life sciences such as agriculture, basic research, medicine and health.


By means of its unique Single Molecule & Real Time (SMRT) technology, PacBio Sequel can materialize the direct sequencing of individual DNA molecule and is characterized by the technology advantages such as ultra-long read length, zero GC preference and even coverage, and currently, it has been widely applied in the research fields such as genomics, transcriptomics and epigenomics. Annoroad has accumulated extensive project experience in the field of generation III sequencing services. Based on the extensive application prospect of generation-III sequencing technology, Annoroad will further promote its application in the field of gene sequencing and provide the best solution for scientific research.

As an internationally advanced genome center, Annoroad has already possessed large-scale R&D and service capabilities. At present, it has established a leading experimental system and successfully accomplished the automation of sample bank establishment. Initiatives including introducing Illumina NovaSeq and PacBio Sequel to expand the existing sequencing platform will further expand Annoroad’s strategic map in the field of gene sequencing, so as to establish a hardware foundation for building an internationally leading large-scale genome center and additionally, to gain an important competitive edge for the globalization of gene sequencing operations.

In addition to the continuous improvement of its hardware platform, Annoroad focuses on the trend of big data cloudification. In 2016, the company announced a strategic cooperation agreement with Aliyun (Alibaba’s cloud computing platform) to jointly establish a cloud platform of genetic data, i.e. an Internet application platform providing users with genetic data. In 2017, Annoroad declared to establish a genome database unique to Chinese people - Annoroad Typical Chinese Genomes (ATCG Database) in order to deeply explore the unique and reliable variation in the Chinese population and reveal the rule of genetic mutation in the Chinese population. Subsequently, ATCG database was officially put online on the website of The genetic variation information of the ATCG database will be further enriched by the introduction of PacBio Sequel platform. Through these strategic deployments, Annoroad will further form an important foundation for service users in the production, storage and analysis etc. of genetic data.