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The Hi-C of Annoroad Assisted the Publication of Tartary Buckwheat Genome


Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, South China Agricultural University and the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences published the  research results of tartary buckwheat genome in the Molecular Plant. The title of the article is 《The Tartary Buckwheat Genome Provides Insights into Rutin Biosynthesis and Abiotic Stress Tolerance》.


                Figure 1. The online publication of the tartary buckwheat genome

A high-quality, chromosome-scale Tartary buckwheat genome sequence of 489.3 Mb that is assembled by combining whole genome shotgun sequencing of both Illumina short reads and single-molecule real time long reads, sequence tags of a large DNA insert fosmid, library Hi-C sequencing data and BioNano genome maps. Annoroad Gene Technology involved in the Hi-C study of this article. The reference genome facilitated the identification of many new genes predicted to be involved in rutin biosynthesis and regulation, aluminum stress resistance, and in drought and cold stress responses.


Figure 2.  The Hi-C of Annoroad assisted the assembly of tartary buckwheat genome



The Tartary buckwheat genome provides insights into rutin biosynthesis and abiotic stress tolerance. DOI: