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Actual Data From Automated Platforms is Coming


Automated platforms can accelerate the cycle of  Human Whole Exome Sequencing, RNA Sequencing and Whole Genome Resequencing. Now we get the actual data for automated platforms. The details are as follows

Human Whole Exome Sequencing

The capture efficiency is more than 70%, the mapping ratio and coverage are above 99%. The data quality is stable at a high level compared with the traditional method.

Table 1. Actual Data of Human WGS 


RNA Sequencing

The data quality still guarantee high standards . The proportion of Clean Reads is over 96%, and the Q30 of the effective data is more than 90%.

Table 2. Actual Data of RNA Sequencing


 Whole Genome Resequencing

We tested four species of soybean, rice, insects and algae. The proportion of Clean Reads is above 96% and Q30 is above 88%.

Table 3. Actual Data of Whole Genome Resequencing