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Big News! Annoroad announced the cooperation with Oxford Nanopore, to introduce high-throughput sequencing platform PromethION


Recently, Annoroad announced the official cooperation with Oxford Nanopore Technologies (Oxford Nanopore), to introduce the highest-throughput sequencing platform PromethION, which will enhance the capability of Annoroad in providing genome sequencing service globally. Annoroad strives to serve cooperative partners via various sequencing platforms, which has been applied to agricultural, fundamental research, medical and health research areas.

PromethION sequence

PromethION is the latest high-throughput sequencing platform brought by Oxford Nanopore, which supports the direct sequencing of DNA and RNA with features of real time and long reads. PromethION is able to run 48 flow cells at the same time, and each flow cell contains 3000 channels, thus each run allows at most 144,000 channels to conduct sequencing. The total throughput can be Tb level if all flow cells run simultaneously, which meets the demands of super high-throughput and rapid turnaround time.


Until now, Annoroad possesses large-scale R&D and service capacity, with the establishment of leading experimental system and bio-IT cloud system for big data analysis. The comprehensive sequencing platform includes Oxford Nanopore PromethION, PacBio Sequel, Illumina HiSeq X Ten, NovaSeq 6000 and NextSeq 550AR. In July 2018, the southern center of Annoroad went into operation in Yiwu, Zhejiang province. This event will expand the strategic layout of Annoroad in genome sequencing area, and facilitate to build the hardware basis to develop an international advanced genome center. 


About Annoroad

Annoroad Gene Technology was established in 2012, focusing on NGS technology with industrial application on human medical health and life science research. It is a renowned company among China's Genome industry, and recognized as a national level high-tech enterprise.

AnnoGene, as a registered brand under Annoroad, carries out extensive R&D collaborations with higher education institutions and research institutes worldwide, in multi-omics levels such as genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenetics, with featured products in gene expression analysis, single-cell techniques and chromosome Hi-C technology.

With the rapid development in recent years, Annoroad now has opened a branch in Yiwu, Zhejiang province under the great support of local government, remain committed to providing excellent technical solutions for life science research.


Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Oxford Nanopore was founded in 2005 to develop a disruptive, electronic, single-molecule sensing system based on nanopore science. The novel, electronics-based DNA/RNA sequencing technology is being used for a range of biological research applications. These include large scale human genomics, cancer research, microbiology, plant science and environmental research. Oxford Nanopore’s proprietary technology is fully scalable for any requirement. Small formats such as Flongle address the need for on-demand, rapid, smaller tests or experiments, and can be used in labs or outdoors. The pocket-sized MinION is a powerful and portable sequencing device that can deliver high volumes of long read sequence data.  The benchtop GridION X5 can run up to five MinION flow cells at a time, on-demand, for larger genomics projects. The recently launched PromethION is the largest format for nanopore sequencing, designed to offer on-demand use of up to 48 flow cells – each of which can offer more than 100Gb of sequencing data.