Annoroad Gene Technology's headquarter is located at Beijing, it is a renowned company among China's Genome industry, and recognized as a national level high tech enterprise. The company was established since 2012, focusing on new-generation genome technology with industrial application on both areas of human medical health and life science research. Annoroad's foothold is attributed to a core local and international talented team, possession of independent research and development leading genome sequencing and bioinformatics skills, establishment of leading high-throughput sequencing platform and high performance computing platform, and eventually forming a strong Bio-IT foundation and industrial service capability.
Technical Service Fields
AnnoGene, as a registered trademark under Annoroad, carries out extensive R&D collaborations with local and international higher education institutions and research institutes in multi-omics level such as of genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenetics, involved areas encompassing basic research in major human diseases, plant and animal molecular breeding, genetics and evolution, microorganism and ecological environment, and with featured strength in gene expression analysis, single cell techniques, chromosome Hi-C technology, and etc., thereby providing excellent technical solutions for life science research.
Medical and Health Fields
Annoroad's human genetic study team has brought together local and international outstanding genome and medical experts, with reasonable technical echelons made up by multi-disciplinary talents, has formed excellent product system and brand effect in four main areas namely fertility and reproductive health, personalized cancer treatment, rare genetic diseases, and genetic examination. Among them, the non-invasive prenatal DNA testing technology has produced good social values, and it has also been globally recognized as the first successful example of genomic technology for industrial application.