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Q: What’s the advantage of the transcriptomesequencing?


1) High accuracy, be able to directly read each transcript at the single nucleotide resolution;

2) High sensitivity, have the capability to detect the rare-copy transcript;

3)  Without species limitations;

4) Wide range of detection,  have a high dynamic detection range of six orders of magnitude from rare-copy transcript to high-copy  transcript.

Q: Compared with microarray, what’s the advantage of transcriptomesequencing ?


1) Microarray analysis can only get the known information because of the probe capturing principle, while the transcriptomesequencing have the ability to read all the transcript information including the known and the novel transcript;

2) RNA-seq have a higher detection rate of differentially expressed genes than  microarray (93% VS 75%);

3) RNA-seq is more sensitive towards the lower abundance of  differentially expressed genes than microarray (89% VS 17%);

4) The correlation of expression result between RNA-seq and qPCR is much higher than microarray and qPCR.