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Q: What’s the advantage of WES?

A: WES is an economic alternative of WGS, especially in the SNP and InDel researches. Human genome is about 3G, while the exome accounts for the key 1%. The recommended sequencing depth of WGS is 30X (90G), and the recommended sequencing depth of WES is 100-200X.With the help of WES, researchers can detect the most important region with lower price.

Q: What are the meanings of capture specificity and coverage ratio in WES?

A: Capture specificity refers to the ratio of the amount of valid data mapping to the target area to the total amount of data. The capture specificity value doesn’t affect the data quality, but the effective ratio. The higher the value, the higher the utilization rate of the target data.

Coverage ratio reflects the coverage of target area. Generally, the coverage of exome can reach to more than 95%. And the coverage ratio will increase with the sequencing depth.

Q: Is it possible to detect the CNV with the help of WES?

A: Since coverage ratios are different due to different capture specificity, WES is not recommended to detect CNV. But WES can be used to screen the somatic CNV in the  carcinoma tissues with the control of para-carcinoma tissues.