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1469672622506002.jpgA method to study three-dimensional architecture of genomes and interactions of chromatin. On 2015,Annogene started Hi-C and single cell Hi-C sequencing services, helped our clients discovering genomics on 3D level. The Hi-C sequencing services from Annogene captures more valid fragments, reaches higher resolution, makes it possible to study 3D genome on resolution level of 1K(Highest among reports so far).

Featured Publications:

Giorgetti L, Lajoie BR, Chen CJ, et al. Structural organization of the inactive X chromosome in the mouse[J]. Nature.

Gendrel A V, Attia M, Chen C J, et al. Developmental dynamics and disease potential of random monoallelic gene expression[J]. Developmental Cell, 2014, 28(4):366-80.

Servant N, Varoquaux N, Lajoie B R, et al. HiC-Pro: an optimized and flexible pipeline for Hi-C data processing[J]. Genome Biology, 2015, 16(1):1-11.

Servant N, Lajoie B R, Nora E P, et al. HiTC: exploration of high-throughput 'C' experiments[J]. Bioinformatics, 2012, 28(28):2843.