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Transcriptome Sequencing is defined as the high-throughput next generation sequencing technique capable of fully and quickly acquiring the overall transcripts information in the specific tissues or organs of eukaryotic species under a certain status.  In accordance with the reference information and diverse research purposes, the transcriptome sequencing can be divided into mRNA sequencing (mRNA sequencing with reference genome, mRNA sequencing without reference genome, digital gene expression profile sequencing) and non-coding RNA sequencing (Long non-coding RNA and Circular RNA sequencing).

Featured Publications:

Li C, Xu D , Ye Q , Qin CF, Xu ZH et al. Zika Virus Disrupts Neural Progenitor Development and Leads to Microcephaly in Mice[J]. Cell Stem Cell, 2016.

Liu Y S, Lu X K, Shi J C et al. BTG4 is a key regulator for maternal mRNA clearance during mouse early embryogenesis [J]. Journal of Molecular Cell Biology, 2016.

Zhang Y C, Liao J Y, Li Z Y, et al. Genome-wide screening and functional analysis identify a large number of long noncoding RNAs involved in the sexual reproduction of rice [J]. Genome Biology, 2014.